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Why recycle your old mobile phone?

It is now more important to recycle your old mobile phone than ever before. Today's modern mobile phones and related media devices are constantly changing to keep up with new consumer demands. This means that as consumers we change are mobile phone more regularly to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends and new mobile device technology.

In the UK it is estimated that nearly 20 million consumers upgrade to a new mobile phone every year. This creates a large amount of unwanted mobile devices which slowly lose their demand and their value rapidly. These phones are usually left in cupboards or drawers of businesses and homes gathering dust until eventually they are thrown into the bin. If not recycled properly they usually end up in landfill sites resulting in pollution to the environment close by.

Although mobile phones are relatively small electronic devices when disposed of their chemical and material components can cause wide scale pollution. At Go Sell My Mobile we list 1000's of old mobile phones with no value so you can still see which recycling companies are willing to recycle them for free. You may not always be able to sell your really old mobile phone for money but at least you can recycle it for free and save on pollution.

Don't let your old or unused mobile phone gather dust any more sell it via Go Sell My Mobile. It may be worth a fair amount of money and what kind of person throws money into the bin?