6 tips for selling your old mobile phone

6 tips for selling your old mobile phone

With so many companies willing to pay you cash for recycling your old mobile phone we have put together a checklist of top tips.

1. Shop around

Don’t agree with the first offer you see. Using a price comparison site like ours will help you compare many recycling companies quickly all in one place to help you save time and earn more money for your phone or tablet.

2. Ask around

With mobile recycling becoming more popular every year there is a good chance that friends or family will be able to recommend a good recycling company. If not read reviews online from independent review websites like reviewcentre.com or tustpilot.com

3. Ask questions

Remember you can always challenge a company on their initial price offering if you believe your device is worth more. It could be a special edition model or in pristine condition.

4. Avoid free post

Never send your device to the mobile recycling companies free post address in just their free post envelope. If your phone is worth over £10 we highly recommend sending it via recorded delivery.

5. Think outside the box

As well as getting quotes from mobile phone recycling companies, why not try selling it through eBay, Gumtree or in your local paper.

6. Wipe all personal data

Remember to clear all personal data from your mobile phone before it changes hands. Most modern smartphones have a reset to default factory settings option hidden in their somewhere. A quick Google search for ‘factory reset (YOUR MOBILE PHONE MODEL)” will no doubt bring up a wealth of information and tutorials to help you achieve this.

If you think we have missed anything important out from the list above please feel free to share it below. Thanks for reading, we hope you found this useful.

Happy mobile recycling!

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