Apple iWatch – an iPhone on your wrist

Apple iWatch – an iPhone on your wrist

I remember back to 2007 when a German exchange student I lived with called Dan Kranz first told me about the iPhone.

OK, so the guys who make expensive computers for hipsters are now making a phone I thought. Little did I know that the whole iPhone phenomenon would soon change history forever and raise expectations of how a smartphone can impact our lives.

I nearly made the same mistake when the iPad was released some years later and cannot believe how widespread tablets have become.

Is it really important?

In a world where millions of people are still without access to fresh water, medication for preventable life-threatening diseases and a reliable food source, did we really need iPads? How did we live without them? How come we cannot live without them now? It didn’t matter, Apple as a brand is a force that knows no bounds and with their own extensive and successful retail distribution network, it seems they can quickly launch a new product with ease and guaranteed success. Last year’s Apple iPad mini did see the crowds die down but that wasn’t really a completely new product and was no real sign of an oncoming fall from grace. This week the tech gossip on the grapevine has all been about the Apple wristwatch. Yes, just as we thought Facebook was busy making a phone, Apple is making a watch.

When will it be ready?

So far there has been lots of speculation as to when the watch will be here, how many people at Apple are working on the device, what materials it will be made from and what features it will have. All of these reports have been sketchy and there is no point in quoting from rumours on other sites here for now. However, it does seem to be a logical business move given that wearable technology is becoming a growing market interest. Apple already prospers from wearable devices like the Nike Fuelband which transmits data via Bluetooth to the iPhone for use with apps available in the app store. Google has also been seen publicly testing its new wearable technology Google Glass, a pair of augmented reality glasses set for release later this year. With Tim Cook, Apples’ chief executive has reportedly been under pressure through sales of recently launched products failing to live up to previous product releases, a move into a new market could be what Apple needs. Apple rival products such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus tablet have stolen a large amount of Apple’s market share in the smartphone and tablet market over the past 6 months and we think something new like the iWatch could be their saving grace in 2013. In wrist watch life it will certainly be a big move from the Casio calculator watch from the 80's and that TV remote control watch that didn't really catch on in the 90's.

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