Blackberry 10 – Is it enough?

Blackberry 10 – Is it enough?

RIM (Research in motion) the company behind Blackberry have recently announced what to expect from their new contacts application arriving in 2013. The new application named Blackberry 10 will obtain contact information from personal homepages or blogs as well as popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The new technology has been developed to further improve how users can maintain communication among their family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances.

Hang on this sounds familiar?

Indeed this technology has been present to Blackberry handsets for some years in some form or another. Many applications (notably Facebook, Google etc) offer users to sync online contact info from their Blackberry apps with their Blackberry contacts. The new service proposed therefore is not actually a newer step forward for Blackberry as it first appears. Also other competing mobile platforms such as iOS and Android already have present a similar features. Once more it is impossible to not feel this will be another chance wasted for Blackberry to bounce back to its former glory days.

Will it be enough to save Blackberry?

It’s common knowledge that Blackberry have had their fair share of problems in recent years and the brand has suffered as a result. Struggling to compete with rival smart phone platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Blackberry’s market share has continued to decrease leading to speculation of the companies demise. Blackberry took a massive blow last October when its email servers were down for 4 days and users were without email. The news was a huge story across the globe and received criticism from its user base of business professionals dependent on email when away from their office. The reputation Blackberry earned itself a decade ago from pioneering email services on a mobile was in tatters. RIM have looked at following Android and offering to license out their operating system platform to other handset manufacturers but to little success from the major players.

Is there any good news?

With an ever decreasing market share and limited options to integrate the Blackberry software into other handsets BackBerry are starting to play catch up. Also Blackberry is still the dominant smart phone of choice in other world markets like South America and Indonesia with a growing user base as their technology has become more affordable. For us here in developed nations though it means there a still a demand to recycle Blackberry mobile phones. Smart phones are often costly to repair as the only source for spare parts is from an identical or similar device. If you are reading this and have an old, unwanted or broken Blackberry you need ask yourself, “should I sell my Blackberry and if so where?” There are lots of websites offering to buy/recycle Blackberry handsets for cash but to get the best price use a service like our mobile phone recycling comparison website.

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