Blackberry Z10 Smart Phone is here

Blackberry Z10 Smart Phone is here

Those who no know me will know I am not an American nor do I watch American Football (even the Super Bowl) when it’s on. After all, I am usually in bed when it is playing. While the events of the annual Super Bowl match usually make their way into the British media or my twitter stream I still rarely pay attention to any of it. That was until earlier this week though when the news of the Blackberry Z10 commercial got my ears burning.

Remember the new OS?

I wrote a few months back about how the new Blackberry 10 OS was probably the last hope for what seems to be a company that has been falling from grace and losing their market share for some time. Well the new Blackberry Mobile Smart Phone the Z10 is now ready to go and along with the new phone came some new marketing ideas. Instead of a run through of the phones features Blackberry used their 30 second Super Bowl commercial to spark some excitement back into the brand name.

The commercial features a user swiping on the new handset which in turn causes his clothing to spontaneously combust, his legs turn to those of an elephant and a large truck to turn into hundreds of rubber ducks all before he explodes into some kind of powder bomb. The supposed narrative behind the ad was to essentially get us talking about Blackberry again and to be intrigued by the new handset.

What the hell did I just watch?

Now, love it or hate it, if you cast your opinions about the commercial aside, the good news for Blackberry is that something is working. According to German Businessman and CEO of Blackberry Thorsten Heins the Z10 is selling 3 times as well as previous models sold in the immediate weeks after their release. The company Blackberry formerly named RIM (Research In Motion) is based in Canada and while the handset has only been released over there and in the U.K. it’s success on home turf will provide a big boost to the company and loyal Blackberry fans. If you have had a play with the new Blackberry Z10 phone or own one let us know what you think.

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