• New phone charger removes bacteria

    New phone charger removes bacteria

    We all know how bad our handsets are for collecting bacteria. Along with car keys, computer keyboards and loose change our beloved smart phones are very, very dirty. Unlike keys or loose change though we breathe and spit bacteria on them as well as just handling them. Wouldn't it be great if somebody attempted to solve this problem? Guess what? it turns out that somebody or more like some peopl...

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  • iPhone 5s most popular xmas phone

    iPhone 5s most popular xmas phone

    So as you may have guessed already, it has now been confirmed that the Apple iPhone 5s was the most popular smartphone present for Christmas 2013. This means the Apple handset held the top spot for yet again another year. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphones were close runners up and proved popular during the December sales boom. While over a year old the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great hands...

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  • Instant mobile phone recycling kiosks

    Instant mobile phone recycling kiosks

    The next big thing usually solves a big problem and when you solve a big problem...big things happen. The whole world changes quickly and history is made. When motor cars were invented, the demand for horses decreased. When email came along, the fax machine started to loose its appeal. I have been a little worried about something big that has been happening in US mobile phone recycling industry...

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  • Ubuntu smart phones will cost us $32M

    Ubuntu smart phones will cost us $32M

    News came today that Ubuntu firm Canonical are looking to crowd source $32M in order to build a new line of Ubuntu powered smart phones. Since the company was founded in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical now has offices in 30 countries around the world including an office in the Isle of Man, UK. Fancy!

    The vision

    They have a vision to deliver free open source softwa...

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  • 4G Auction Raises Peanuts for troubled UK Gov

    4G Auction Raises Peanuts for troubled UK Gov

    You may remember way back in the year 2000 that various mobile operators in the UK were bidding on the rights to operate within the 3G spectrum. This was big news at the time and we did not really know what was around the corner. We were still all on our old Nokia’s playing snake back then and had not really used our mobiles much for internet access. Over the years we all upgraded gradually t...

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  • Apple iWatch – an iPhone on your wrist?

    Apple iWatch – an iPhone on your wrist?

    I remember back to 2007 when a German exchange student I lived with called Dan Kranz first told me about the iPhone. So the guys who make expensive PC’s for hipsters are now making a phone I thought. Little did I know that the whole iPhone phenomenon would soon change history forever and raise expectations of how a smart phone can impact our life. I nearly made the same mistake when the iPad ...

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  • Blackberry Z10 Smart Phone is here

    Blackberry Z10 Smart Phone is here

    Those who no know me will know I am not an American nor do I watch American Football (even the Super Bowl) when it’s on. After all, I am usually in bed when it is playing. While the events of the annual Super Bowl match usually make their way into the British media or my twitter stream I still rarely pay attention to any of it. That was until earlier this week though when the news of the Blac...

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  • Google and Motorola 'X Phone' waffle

    Google and Motorola 'X Phone' waffle

    Less than a year ago Google bought mobile phone manufacturer Motorola for about $13 Billion. There have been numerous rumours and theories about exactly what happened and why ever since. They got their hands on some important patents and a company great at building mobile devices to match their mobile software development skills. The patents stood out to be the most obvious reason for the purch...

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  • Really Expensive Mobile Phones

    Really Expensive Mobile Phones

    When most of us look at getting a new mobile phone we usually go for the latest and greatest. We wait ages for our contract upgrade to come around and we don’t like to waste it. We want the best handset we can stretch to without going overboard on the monthly direct debit. The latest smart phones are super cool, super speedy and super exciting. It is slowly becoming one of life’s little ple...

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