Google bought Motorola but why?

Google bought Motorola but why?

Less than a year ago Google bought mobile phone manufacturer Motorola for about $13 Billion. There have been numerous rumours and theories about exactly what happened and why ever since. They got their hands on some important patents and a company great at building mobile devices to match their mobile software development skills. The patents stood out to be the most obvious reason for the purchase of Motorola Mobility (MMI) as Google can use them to fight off constant attacks from mobile industry rivals Microsoft and Samsung.

What's up with google?

Google is yet to match its level of success in the software industry with its achievements in the hardware business and is clearly better suited to working within its strengths. However, in order to keep it's Android OS on course to take over the world, Google does need to have an input in the device manufacturing market. Apple and Samsung are the only two manufacturers making big profits at the moment with rivals like HTC and Huawei which also use Google’s Android OS been left to fight over the scraps. When HTC last year partnered with Microsoft to create an HTC Windows phone Google must have been concerned. The question people are starting to ask now is can the marriage of Motorola’s lab rats and Google’s software elite result in the creation of a new smartphone to rival the likes of the Galaxy S3?


Rumours have been surfacing for the past few months about the so-called ‘X Phone’ as it has come to be known on the web and tech lovers have been speculating on what features it may have. With other manufacturers expected to release new handsets in 2013 such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC M7 and Apple iPhone 5S can the ‘X Phone’ do it? What’s more is that if the Google/Motorola phone isn’t a myth and does see the light of day, how will rival Android smartphone manufacturers take the news? Google surely needs to keep it's Android OS uses like Samsung on the side and competing with them would surely damage that relationship.

There is lots of waffle already on the net attempting to answer the above and I’d like to offer some answers too but it’s really hard to speculate about something that does not even exist yet and may just be a load of hot air.

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