Exclusive interview with Hate My Phone

Exclusive interview with Hate My Phone

This month I am delighted to welcome a new recycling website HateMyPhone.co.uk to Go Sell My Mobile.

I was fortunate to meet Kasim in person earlier this month at a popular industry event and quickly jumped at the opportunity to interview him and find out more about the company.

Before I start, here is a bit of info about Hate My Phone.

What is Hate My Phone

Hate My Phone are based in the West Midlands and they pride themselves in accepting as many old devices as possible. If the product can be refurbished and recycled, then that is what they will do.

Currently, they are processing an average of 8000 units per month and working hard to maintain their number one focus on customer satisfaction.

Owner Kasim has had a long and interesting career to date and has previously held management positions in companies concentrating on the retail side of the business. In 2016 he established HateMyPhone.co.uk and hasn’t looked back since. With so many new handsets being sold each month and growing awareness of our need to recycle more tech waste could this have been the reason for the change in direction?

The below interview took place end of February 2018 in Birmingham, UK.

OK. Lets get on with the interview.

So once again, good afternoon Kasim and thanks for agreeing to take five minutes out of your schedule to be interviewed.

Interviewed? I'm not even wearing a tie. I didn’t realise I would be interviewed today.

No worries, let’s ditch the interview idea and go back to a regular chat. I’m excited that the first comparison site you have chosen to be listed on is ours. What made you choose Go Sell My Mobile?

I really like the simple and easy to use design of the site. Also, I wanted to do something different and feel that the path our company is taking is somewhat similar to yours. We are an equal opportunities employer and nearly all of our staff have some form of disability (or from troubled backgrounds). Disability does not mean inability though and I believe that there is room for everyone in the recycling industry. Reducing electronic waste is becoming more important all the time and our planet needs every one of us to help.

Where did the name Hate My Phone come from?

Like a lot of waste management problems we have been facing since the latter half of the twentieth century, the rise of electronic waste is driven by consumerism. All over the planet consumers are upgrading to a newer, faster and more fashionable phone each day. Unlike paper cups or plastic bottles, the recycling process takes longer as they contain a wide range of plastics, metals and minerals which must be carefully extracted by professionals.

The name Hate My Phone is a direct reflection of this consumerism cycle we are now as a planet locked into. Everyone is excited to get a new phone but months later we say we "hate" our phone just because a newer model is out and we are inundated with offers and deals to upgrade. Some people change their phone with the seasons just like their wardrobe.

How is Hate My Phone different to other phone recycling services?

After spending many years working on the retail side of the industry selling phones and contracts to consumers I have first-hand experience of the problems consumerism creates. However, I also know that just like selling a new phone, buying back handsets from consumers requires just as much focus on customer service.

There were times working for large well-known companies where I saw opportunities missed to do things differently which eventually led me to create my own company. We try and accept as many devices as possible and always look to re-introduce devices back into the market. An old device for you maybe Christmas come early for someone in the developing world.

From the beginning, we have focussed on B2B recycling and often process hundreds of devices in one single order. Some previous clients to date have included the British Government forces, businesses and corporates across the UK. We always aim to give the most accurate quote possible and will never alter our quote after processing an order. We know some websites pay very high prices for handsets which we know they can never recoup the costs from. A higher quoted price is always favoured by the seller but often these are just false promises and the price quoted can quickly drop once they receive your phone.

Time for some phone recycling advice

What advice would you give someone looking to sell or recycle a phone right now?

Well, that really depends on the situation, doesn’t it? If you are upgrading to a newer handset and your current handset is still relatively new then try and trade it in. Most phone networks have trade-in schemes today and often will buy your old handset from you. They don't always offer the best price though so always check if you could earn more by selling the device yourself.

You can try to sell the device privately via a local small ads site such as Gumtree or even eBay but this can be a time-consuming process and doesn’t guarantee a better price. Your old device will be devaluating as time goes on and customer demand may no longer be there for that model in the UK. For a quicker turn around time, you should sell through a professional mobile recycling website like ours.

You can find out exactly how much your device is worth after answering just a few questions about its condition. With a dedicated team of in-house engineers, we can accept non-perfect or broken devices too and absorb any repair costs before resale. We have an established international distribution network so can look to re-introduce older handsets to foreign emerging markets in as Africa or the far east.

Better not forget about phone recycling comparison sites (cough, cough)

Should customers remember to check prices from many phone recyclers via a comparison website like Go Sell My Mobile too?

Well, I’m not saying you shouldn't always shop around to get a feel for how much your device is worth. There are lots of phone recycling sites. They are all offering different prices for different devices in different conditions.

Comparison websites are a great way to see how many different buyers are out there and to quickly learn the market value of your device. Don't just assume the top paying recycler is the best option though. Read reviews about the chosen recycler and make sure you accurately describe the condition of your device as best possible.

You also work with a lot of B2B recycling clients is that right?

Yes, we offer a business recycling service to many large corporations which to date have included government services and utility businesses. We have the power to process 1000's of devices each month and have a well-established re-sale network for large amounts of mobile devices.

To discuss recycling a large number of electronic devices not limited to mobile phones you can contact us directly via our site, emailing [email protected] or via our office number 0121 439 3590. The lines are open 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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