iPhone 5 hype, 2 weeks later

iPhone 5 hype, 2 weeks later

The iPhone 5 release was always going to stir up media hype like nothing ever before and with ever increasing competition from rival handsets (Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 900, etc) the pressure was on Apple to deliver! It has now been well over 2 weeks since that day and our twitter streams, RSS readers, newspapers are now starting to go back to normal.

The question is though, now all the hype has quietened down, is it really the success it was first perceived to be? Well, you will have to make your own decisions about that but here are a few things to think about. In the order we think most relevant to the majority here goes.

#1 Maps

Essentially the inclusion of the new Apple Maps service which is unfinished and buggy has caused the most concern from owners and fuel to the Apple critics. The Apple maps technology is still in its infancy compared with rival Google Maps. Never the less, many iPhone owners still chose to upgrade and to the new Apple handset or update their existing iPhone iOS. From personal experience, this has been the number #1 problem for me so far. I have resorted to relying on Bing Maps recently. I never thought I would be saying that one day.

#2 Scratches

If you haven’t heard the reports of those who were lucky enough to open their new iPhone 5 from its packaging and notice small scratches or indents in the handset then where have you been for the past fortnight? The new super cool aluminium back plate is easily scratched and after a few new owners mentioned this on the Apple support page and Twitter, the story spread fast. I can honestly say though I was not affected by this though and when 5 million new handsets are released simultaneously it's not unusual for a mishap like this to happen.

#3 Connectivity

Apple’s decision to use a smaller connector port means old chargers, docks and other accessories will no longer fit. All of us who have in separate in-car chargers, or iPod music docs (I have 2, 1 in my office, 1 in my home kitchen) have been left out in the cold here. So while its been easy to transfer all my mp3 collection to my new iPhone, been able to listen to it at work, or during my Saturday morning gander at the tabloids has been a no-no. My wife and kids have older iPod, iPad and iPhone devices so even asking Santa for a new dock (if they are available yet that is) won’t really solve all my problems.

Was it worth it?

It has to be said though that the new iPhone is amazing still and in some areas, it will never compare to rivals and if your an Apple lover (…your obviously not because you have read up to here!) then in your eyes Apple can do no wrong. As the old iPhone adverts used to say of sorts: ‘If you don’t have an iPhone 5…YOU DON’T HAVE AN IPHONE 5′!

If you have any more reviews or interesting facts about your new iPhone 5 story we would love to hear them. Leave us a comment or contact us.

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