iPhone 5s most popular xmas phone

iPhone 5s most popular xmas phone

So as you may have guessed already, it has now been confirmed that the Apple iPhone 5s was the most popular smartphone present for Christmas 2013. This means the Apple handset held the top spot for yet again another year. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphones were close runners up and proved popular during the December sales boom. While over a year old the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great handset and with contract deals starting from as low as £15 per month it is no wonder it proved still popular among consumers.

What about Sony / HTC etc?

Other popular smartphones included the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z1. Over the course of 2013 the Apple iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 were consistently in the top spot every month for smartphones purchased. Looking into early 2014 it seems that not much has changed.

While maintaining the most popular handset spot though, Apple lost 2% of its market in 2013 and Samsung has now double the market share of Apple. Android also continues to dominate as the most popular operating system.

While we cannot see these figures quickly changing in 2014 there is everything to play for as there are lots of rumours about forthcoming handsets. To name but a few the Nokia Lumia 929, HTC One 2, Sony Xperia Z1s and probably the most eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S5!

Flexi devices?

2014 will also be the year of flex devices - yes smartphone handsets you can bend just like a piece of card! The LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round are the well known models that we know a lot about already but no doubt more contenders will appear in due course!

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