Mobile phone environmental pollution in detail

Mobile phone environmental pollution in detail

In our last post we touched upon why it is important to recycle your old mobile phone. One reason being the fact that if discarded in the wrong way it can cause serious environmental damage. We are now going to look at this in more detail.

Firstly, how much environmental damage can a discarded mobile phone in a landfill actually do?

Well to be honest not that much at all. As we said before, old mobile phones are not like apple cores. You cannot expect them once discarded to decay naturally back into the soil over the course of a few days. They will take a lot longer indeed if they ever decay at all that is. They are mostly made of plastic after all guys! It will take a while for all their components to be broken down and release the harmful poisons and toxins we mentioned previously.

So whats the problem then?

The problem is that there are over 150 million old handsets getting discarded every year. The growth of the mobile phone market is forever speeding up the already rapid consumption of handsets among users. Every year a greater number of newer and better technologically advanced handsets appear leaving their predecessors worthless after only a couple of years in circulation. This is what is causing the greatest environmental concerns. A tiny problem on a grand and ever-increasing scale is a different problem altogether.

So what exactly is damaging the environment so much?

As we mentioned before it is the harmful toxins found in the components of the handsets. Toxins persistent in many mobile devices include arsenic, antimony, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc. In medical research, these toxins have been associated with cancer and even neurological disorders in children. Also increasing the size of landfills will result in increased levels of methane gas in the environment. Methane gas is nearly 21 times more damaging than CO2 which surely everyone now knows is the principal contributor to global warming. At the end of the day, the type and quantities of waste we send to landfills are almost explicitly linked to global warming levels.

But how will looking to recycle my mobile with your website help the environment?

Because we list only professional mobile phone recycling companies who understand all the problems above. They can choose what the best and most environmentally friendly method to recycle a device is. Mobile handset components which contain harmful toxins can be recycled or reused in new electronic devices. Alternatively, if your handset is still relatively modern and in demand it can be resold in areas of the developing world such as Africa and the middle east.

At Go Sell My Mobile we think mobile phone recycling is an essential factor to help combat damage to the environment. We also think mobile phone recycling is easy, fun and always worthwhile. To find the best price for your old handset visit our site and recycle your old or unwanted mobile phones today. Please ;).

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