New phone charger removes bacteria

New phone charger removes bacteria

Mobile phones are EXCELLENT at collecting bacteria. Along with car keys, computer keyboards and loose change our beloved smartphones are very, very dirty! Ewww :(

We breathe and spit bacteria on them all day long just handling them. Wouldn't it be great if somebody attempted to solve this problem?

Guess what? it turns out that somebody or more like some people have gone and done just that! PhoneSoap is a clever little gadget which uses two UV-C lights housed in a nice case to remove any bacteria from the handset while it is charging.


The project began on kick starter and raised over 3 times the requested $18,000. While being housed in the charging case you can still hear any incoming calls or other notifications because the case has some special acoustic holes. Good job they remembered that one...they really have though of everything now.

What will / does it cost?

If you are fed up of using up all your anti-bacterial wipes on your dirty handset...chill can buy the wonderful PhoneSoap charger now for only $49.95!. What a bargain! If you have purchased one we would love to know how you are getting on with it!

Check out their Facebook page or the official PhoneSoap website for more information on how to purchase.

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