Really Expensive Mobile Phones

Really Expensive Mobile Phones

When most of us look at getting a new mobile phone we usually go for the latest and greatest. We wait for ages for our contract upgrade to come around and we don’t like to waste it. We want the best handset we can afford without going overboard on the monthly direct debit. The latest smartphones are super cool, super speedy and super exciting. It is slowly becoming one of life’s little pleasures that for less than 50 quid a month we can own the best phone on the market. Millionaire or not, everyone who has the latest iPhone is equal in the age of mobile telecommunications consumerism.

Or are we…

Well…if you rule out your credit history and bank balance there are some high-end smartphones for those millionaires among us. Sometimes being super rich is just all about status and to keep that status you need to listen to Gok Wan and accessorize, accessorize and accessorize again. Unfortunately, the common vacuum formed luminous green rubber iPhone cover from the pound shop just won’t cut it anymore among the financial elite. When you have millions in the bank leftover you need a limited edition diamond or gold studded casing from an exclusive world famous celebrity jeweller of course. Where would you find such a craftsman? New York? Paris? Tokyo? Switzerland? Nope. Liverpool silly!

Liverpool? Really

Stuart Hughes has crafted some very special edition phones based on popular handsets by Blackberry, Nokia and Apple. Checkout one his latest creations, the beautiful 24CT Gold iPhone 5. It’s a steal at just under 22k. If gold is not your thing then maybe a nice diamond studded Blackberry 9700 Bold could be right up your street?


If you’re looking for something other than a standard smartphone with extra gold plates and diamonds though then maybe a Mobiado could be the mobile phone for you. Since their foundation in Vancouver, Canada in 2004, they have been producing some of the finest, innovative and most technologically advanced mobile phones available. For any rich Crocodile Dundee fans reading this there is also this lovely Black Crocodile Skin handset available from high end mobile phone manufacturer Vertu. It seems that if you can afford it there are lots of companies out there producing mobile phones that are not afraid to push the boundaries and at any cost and charge for it.

And in case any of you were running a price comparison site does not make you a millionaire. Having said that, I bet those pesky Meerkats are raking it in! Thanks again for reading. See you again next week ;)

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