Why recycling mobile phones is important

Why recycling mobile phones is important

Recycling as we know it.

We all know by now that the preservation of earth is vital to the survival of mankind. With ever depleting natural resources and high levels of pollution, recycling is becoming no longer as much an option but an everyday necessity. Most of us associate the act of recycling with how our local councils ask us to separate the paper, glass and plastics in our everyday household waste. Thats only one example of recycling though, there are many more items we can recycle that will benefit the environment.

The problem with old or unwanted mobile phones.

One item in particular interest to us is mobile phones or cellular phones as they are known in other countries. Many of us have at least one or more old or unwanted mobile phones in our home. When we upgrade to a new phone we often keep the old ones as a spare for a while before eventually permanently moving them to the back of a cupboard or somewhere else out of sight. It can be hard to part with a mobile phone we have used continually everyday for a year or so that has become so integrated in our lives we have built an emotional dependance upon it. As technology moves on and the value of our old mobile phone decreases so does the chance of us using it ever again. The outcome of this all too common scenario is a worthless device which will at some point in the future slowly make its way into the rubbish bin and soon be laid to rest in a landfill site. This is very BAD! Mobile phones are non bio-degradable and are typically constructed of materials which over time will decay releasing harmful toxins into the environment. Mobile phones are not apples! Apples come from the earth naturally and can quite as easily go back with no fuss. Mobile phones comes from factories and don’t belong back in the earth after use.

So how can we recycle our old or unwanted mobile phones then?

We have already touched upon one possible solution in that it is okay to have an old mobile laying around our home as a spare incase we loose or damage our current mobile phone. This however only works for a short time period and is not an ideal long term solution. We could also sell our phone to a new owner of to whom it could very well come as a welcomed upgrade. Again however, that is only a temporary solution. Eventually they too will come to upgrade their phone eventually and we are back to square one. The only long term solution is to let a specialist mobile phone recycling company recycle our old mobile phones. They have the technical abilities to dismantle the handset and identify reusable components to sell back to mobile manufacturers. Also they can dispose of hard to recycle components in an environmentally safe manner. As an extra incentive for us to recycle, phone recycling companies like Mazuma, TopDollar or 8Mobile even offer to buy our old mobile phones for cash. Not only have we taken the green environmental friendly route, but its earned us some pocket money too.

Which mobile phone recycling company should I go with?

With so many good phone recycling companies available it can be hard to choose which one to recycle our phone with. Also the price for your mobile phone will often vary from one mobile phone recycling company to the next. At Go Sell My Mobile (gosellmymobile.com) we list lots of top mobile phone recycling companies and the prices offered for thousands of mobile phones. It is really easy to find the best price with us, simply search for your model of mobile phone and we can show you the prices available from each mobile phone recycling company.

We hope you enjoy recycling your old mobile phones and find the Go Sell My Mobile website helpful.

Happy mobile phone recycling!

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