Just like 99.9% of every other website on the internet, at Go Sell My Mobile we make use of cookies. Cookies are very small data files which your internet browser stores on your device. A cookie file does not collect or store any personal information about you or your activities.

Cookies can be used to create a more personalised service for you when you visit a website to improve your overall user experience. For example remembering what items you have in your shopping cart or any specific site preferences.

Good reasons for using cookies

At Go Sell My Mobile we only ever use cookies for the necessary reasons and to help us give you, our valued visitors the best user experience possible. We are currently using cookie files on Go Sell My Mobile for the following reasons only:

  • To track what internet browser and what device you are using to view our site.
    • This helps us to know what internet browsers and devices we need to make our website compatible with. Although we regularly test our website in all the popular web browsers and handheld devices we are always looking to improve and change in response to changing technological requirements.
  • To track movement and usage on our site for statistical purposes.
    • By roughly knowing how many visitors we have and when, we can make sure our site is able to cope with increasing visitor numbers at no loss to the current service. Also, by guessing roughly in which area you are viewing out site from we can make sure we offer a consistent viewing experience to visitors from all countries. By tracking which pages are visited, we can monitor what areas of our site are popular and those where we need to focus our time on improving.

Cookie life

Some cookies only last until you close your internet browser and others are stored for longer periods. When you leave our site your chosen 3rd party recycling company cookies are set by third parties to store that you are being referred to them from our website. This is necessary as without it they will sometimes not be able to affiliate us with your visit to their site. Go Sell My Mobile is funded 100% by tiny commissions we earn from the phone recycling company you choose to recycle your device(s) with. Without these vital cookies we will not be able to carry on offering our service. The majority of internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. We recommend this setting for the reasons above but should you wish to prevent your browser from accepting cookies you can do so easily. All browsers contain settings or configuration pages where you can edit your cookie settings. For exact instructions on changing these settings you should check out your browsers help page. Should you change your internet browser to not accept cookies we can't guarantee you an optimum user experience.

Notification of changes

If our use of cookies or our cookie policy should change in future, any changes will be listed on this page. If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding our use of cookies or anything else on our website for that matter, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and visiting Go Sell My Mobile.