These are a few frequently asked questions asked by visitors. If you can't find a question here please feel free to Contact Us.

  • Is it safe to send my phone through the post?

    Nearly all the phone recycling companies we have on this site will send you a branded freepost envelope to send your phone to them in. This is ideal and cheap for older handsets with little or no value but not safe for newer / higher value handsets. We recommend you send the phone using Royal Mail recorded delivery which costs around £5. You can also check if you phone arrived using their website tracker here.

  • I have searched but cannot find my mobile phone on your site? What is it worth?

    At Go Sell My Mobile we only list mobile phones we know buyers are offering to recycle. Each phone recycling company provides us with a list of handsets they are willing to buy and at what price on a daily basis. If your mobile phone is not in this list we can not list the mobile phone I'm afraid.

  • Why recycle my mobile phone if it is not worth very much?

    Mobile phones are classed as short-life products and millions of them end their life gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. There are two main reasons why this is so common. One reason is down to us as humans being unable to break the psychological / emotional bond we had with the old device that we once used 24/7 to run our lives. Second is that we often feel our old device is not worth enough to bother recycling. As a result of these two reasons many mobile phones miss out on the recycling process and end up eventually in a landfill somewhere. The problem with this is that mobile phones contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic, beryllium, copper or lead which can damage the environment if not disposed of by a professional phone recycling company. By recycling your phone through a recycling company like those listed on this site you help bring this cycle to a close.

  • What are the benefits of mobile phone recycling?

    There are several benefits to mobile phone recycling. One is that it can earn you some extra cash, vouchers, store points or just some extra room in your bottom bedroom drawer. Two, it prevents dangerous toxins used in the construction materials of the device from escaping into the environment if it is not recycled properly. Three is that there are also many re-usable parts even inside older devices which can be re-used in newer devices. This saves on using natural resources and raw energy to re-create the same parts again and improves sustainability. Fourth is that no matter how old your phone is, there may be a demand for the device still even if for repairs only in a third world or developing country.

  • Can I sell/recycle a barred or stolen phone?

    Probably not, all the phone recycling companies we list on the site have a firm ‘NO’ policy when it comes to barred or stolen devices. Should you not know if a device you want to recycle has been barred or reported stolen you can perform a device background report through Checkmend.

  • How many phones/tablets can I sell at once?

    There is no limit to the number of mobile phones you want to compare prices for on our site or sell to phone recycling companies. If you have a large number of mobile phones, for example if you are business then why not check the prices through our site and then contact the phone recycling company direct to see if they can offer a better deal?

  • Why is the price on Go Sell My Mobile is different to the phone recycling site I clicked through to?

    We try to make sure that our prices are upto date all the time and to do this we check several times a day the prices of all mobile handsets. This still means however that there could be a small time period during which the price on our site is out of sync with a mobile phone recycling company website. This is unlikely though.

  • How much cash can I get for my phone?

    To find the best price for your mobile enter your the manufacturer and model into the search box on this page and click 'search'. If there are any buyers we know of who are prepared to buy you phone, we will list them in order of who is willing to pay you the most.