Why should I recycle my old mobile devices?

Well why would you want to recycle your mobile phone? On a serious note, it's not actually a simple question to answer. There are actually lots of reasons and each day we here at Go Sell My Mobile find ourselves finding out a few more.

1. Because it can earn you money

On this site we track thousands of prices on thousands of mobile handsets and related devices. We can help you find the best price for your phone and save your time in the process shopping around in the process. What's more is that just by looking at some of the phones listed on our site there is often a big difference between what different recycling companies offer for different handsets. At the time of writing this we are tracking some recycling companies who are offering multiple times the amount offered by rival recycling companies for the exact same model of mobile phone. Unless you looked at all twenty buyer's websites how sure could you be to get the best price?

2. Because mobile phones need to leave this world in the hands of a skilled professional

Recycling as we commonly know it, is about finding a use for waste or things we would normally throw away. Usually things we recycle have little or no value like old newspapers or milk bottles. They can easily be turned into more newspapers and milk bottles for tomorrow's headlines and skinny non fat lattes. Mobile phones on the other hand are very complicated devices and are made from a collection of different materials that are harder to recycle. They need to be taken apart by trained professionals experienced and disposed of safely.

3. Because mobile phones are not apples

A half eaten apple might bio-degrade in your garden or in the neighbours hedge but a mobile phone is another story. We haven't tried it yet but we're pretty sure even in the UK with lots of rain and good soil there is no such thing as a Nokia tree or Blackberry bush? Why is it then that so many of us let are old or unwanted phones end up taking part in this weird experiment. Fact is if your phone is not recycled properly via a mobile phone recycling company it will end up in a landfill some day real soon.

4. Because not everyone is lucky enough to get an iPhone first time around.

Some countries in the developing world are not as up to date with mobile and cellular technology as we are here in the UK. Some countries are reliant on used mobile phones and are willing to give them new life. Your old Nokia handset which you no longer would be seen dead with could be a much welcomed upgrade to a person in the developing world. With so many older mobiles in use in developing countries there is also a growing demand for spare parts too. This can be problematic just like here in the UK because the latest smart phones do not have after market spare parts readily available and after a breakage the only solution is to seek a replacement as locating a suitable donor phone is pretty unrealistic. In the developing world though your broken old Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone could come as a welcome donor to those in need.

5. How can a phone recycling comparison website like this help?

A big reason why some people choose not to recycle their old mobile phone is because they feel it is worth more than the price's offered by recycling companies. On our site we compare 20+ phone recycling company prices to try and help you find the best deal available. The benefit of selling to phone recyclers like Mazuma and Envirofone is that the process is fast, simple and secure. You only need to find a good deal and input a few details to do it. That means no ads in the paper, no setting up eBay auctions, Gumtree listings or annoying calls from time wasters.